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Johns Creek Wine & Beer

Wine & Beer is the premier wine and beer store in Johns Creek – a store selling fine wines from small vineyards and beers from micro breweries. In our wine cellar we have gathered a truly exclusive collection of 1000+ varieties of dry red wines, white wines, rose, and dessert wines from all around the wold. The wines are carefully selected by our sommeliers, who have extensive knowledge of wines; you’ll surely be able to pick up something that meets your taste. In addition to world-famous, classic brands of drinks, we are always happy to offer something new, different, and often rare. Wine & Beer has a variety of wine represented by regions,  which include French, Italian, Spanish and even New World wines. 

There are a lot of wines we love and adore and we know you’d relish them too, but due to limited space in our store, we cannot have all our favorites in stock at the same time. However, if there is a particular wine you we’d like and it’s not on our shelves, just let us know. Within a day or two, we’ll have it specially ordered for you and ready for pickup.

Try Before You Buy 

Our slogan is ‘try before you buy’. The sampling gives you the opportunity to try out the wine before buying it. Get to taste the wine yourself and make your choice based on personal experience and taste. The wine sampling at Wine & Beer is done using a wine dispenser called Enomatic. It is an innovative and efficient way of dispensing wine.

Visit us today in Johns Creek and we guarantee you can’t help but notice the warm welcome and friendly attitude of our store staff. Our staff will help you go through our wine cellar and make your choice. And don't forget, we offer a 10% discount on cases of wine, even when you mix and match bottles.

Life should be enjoyed with a glass of fine wine, sip by sip, with respite. 

We look forward to seeing you!


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